The carpet you own can either build or break your home. If properly maintained, carpets do add a unique look to your home. However, you should also keep in mind that they can only offer these only if the carpeting stays soft and clean. On the other hand, if soiled, stained or damaged, carpets can add a gloomy or dingy sensation in the room.

Top 5 Carpet Cleaning Tips

Anyway, here are the top 5 carpet cleaning tips that you should know of:

Ensure that you use spot treatment solutions when cleaning

If you have had any experiences with carpets, then you definitely know that one of the most boring and tiresome things is dealing with large stains. Avoiding these stains can prove very difficult especially if you have a pet.

When cleaning your carpet, sometimes you clean a stain but it doesn’t come off. This can be very frustrating. To enhance your cleaning, you can make use of pot treatment solutions. These solutions are great and super effective in stain removal. Some of the most common solutions used include the following:

  • Combination of vinegar and baking powder
  • Solution containing club soda and vinegar
  • Shaving cream

These are some of the best household solutions that you can use to clean your carpet. You can also decide to buy other commercial detergents to facilitate your cleaning.

Have your carpet steam-cleaned

This should be the next step after removing all the stains on your carpet. You can have your carpet thoroughly steam-washed locally for a few bucks. Consistent and regular steam-cleaning of your carpet will ensure that all traces of dirt are removed. This includes the ones that you cannot see with your physical eyes. There is also dirt usually found in the carpet padding that can only be eliminated by steam-washing the carpet.

Make use of your vacuum cleaner and its other attachments

One of the most powerful tools that can be used in cleaning your carpet is a vacuum cleaner. Proper vacuuming means that you have to take your time and clean every potion thoroughly. Some, actually a lot of people make the common mistake of vacuuming too quickly. Others do not vacuum-clean their carpet as consistently as it should be done.

You should keep in mind that dirt and other carpet-polluting particles can accumulate under and on your carpet in a very short period of time. This means that you have to clean the carpet at least once a week using a vacuum cleaner.

Other attachments that can facilitate your cleaning exercise include the following:

  • Dust brush
  • Flexible crevice
  • Extension

Adding all these attachments are guaranteed to ease your cleaning exercise.

Use spray treatment to eliminate odours

Carpet order is one thing that can easily tarnish your household name. Bad odour from the carpeting can really paint a bad picture for you. The best way to eliminate this odour is by making use of sprays when cleaning.

Buy a floor mat

Very many people tend to forget the importance of floor mats. Setting one in front of all your doors ensures that everyone getting in your home dusts off their shoes before entering your house. This will significantly reduce the dirt getting into your carpet.

Cleaning your carpet from home can prove difficult on various occasions. However, adopting these techniques should improve your cleaning experience and have you enjoying the exercise.