Or any kind of hair that is. Our hair, our furry, four-legged babies hair, our kids hair. Hair is one of those things that gets everywhere. And there’s nothing worse than squillions of tiny hairs, lodged deep into your carpet fibres. Even when you use a super-suction vacuum on them, you just can’t seem to suck them all out of your precious rugs. So, that’s why we’ve put together this fun guide. To help you get that stubborn pet hair off your carpets!


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Things You’ll Need to Get Stubborn Pet Hair off Your Carpets:

Now, it’s likely everyone has at least one of these things at home. So get ready to root around your home to look for these few items:

  • Spray bottle;
  • Baking soda;
  • Fabric softener;
  • Balloon;
  • Rubber gloves;
  • Rubber flip-flops;
  • Squeegee;
  • Lint roller;
  • Vacuum (you should check out the Dyson Animal – specially designed for pet fur).

rubber gloves for getting rid of pet hair

Fabric Softener Technique for Getting Pet Hair off Carpets

You’ve got your inventory list. So let’s start with the methods. First off is the fabric softener technique for getting pet hair off carpets.

  1. First – mix up a solution of 1 part fabric softener and 3 parts water. Mix these up in an appropriate spray bottle.
  2. Now, you spray your carpet lightly with the mixture. Be careful not to apply too much, spray only a light mist over the carpet.
  3. Waiting time. Wait until dry. This shouldn’t take long if you only applied a light mix to the rug.
  4. And last, but not least – hoover the area. The fabric softener will loosen up the fur in the carpet, making it much easier to suck up the little devils. Hoovering regularly while continuing this routine will drastically improve the appearance of your rug.

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The Baking Soda Method for Getting Rid of Pet Fur off Carpets

The baking soda method is quite simple. Sprinkle it lavishly over your carpets. You can also sprinkle a bit of corn starch over your rug. These 2 ingredients have a similar effect as the fabric softener. They loosen up the fibres of your carpet, while also absorbing any unpleasant smells and dirt in the fabric. Leave at least 30 minutes. An overnight stand wouldn’t hurt. Even quite the opposite! Now it’s hoover time again. Suck up the soda and the cornstarch. You’ll notice that a large portion of fur is gone. Not only that – your carpets have a slightly cleaner look to them!

The Balloon Method

This is a fun one. Have any balloons around the place? Have you ever noticed the way balloons make the hairs on your arms stand up and stick to them? Yeah, now I think you’re thinking the way I am! Static!

  1. Just blow up your balloon;
  2. And now rub it over the surface of your carpet.

You’ll see what a fun option this is. You could even turn it into a game with kids and get them to do the work for you!

Rubber Gloves/Rubber Flip-Flops Technique

Got any rubber gloves lying around from doing the dishes? Well get them on and try this method:

  1. Wet your gloves but not too much;
  2. Now drag them lightly over the surface of your carpets.

You will notice how easily the pet furs stick to wet rubber!

So you know that trick with the rubber gloves that we did? The same thing works with rubber flip-flops. Just stick them on your hands, wet the soles, and you are good to go! Yes, it’s that easy!

Lint Roller Technique

If you haven’t heard of a lint roller, it’s a small contraption that bears resemblance to a small paint roller. But instead of a paint roller, you get a roller with a smooth, sticky surface.

Roll the lint roller along your carpets. You’ll see all types of hair stick to it as it rolls across your rugs. It can even be used on clothes!

Of course, there always comes a time when your carpets need professional treatment. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote. Take a look at our main site for our professional carpet cleaning services.

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