Carpet Cleaning

You can book professional carpet cleaning in London with us! Get a high-quality service at the most competitive prices in your area! You can book our carpet cleaning experts seven days a week and even in the last minute. Our London carpet cleaners can deal with dust, dirt, and stains to restore the as-new appearance of the carpets in your home or office.

Our Carpet Steam Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning Prices List

Hallway £13
Single Room £19
Double Room £24
Living Room £29
Bathroom £6
Landing £7
Stairs £2 (per step)

*Please note that additional charges for Congestion Charge and Parking may apply (if applicable).
*Minimum charges apply

All of our carpet cleaning services in London are guaranteed! While the rest of the local carpet cleaners will avoid to provide you with an assurance for the result, we are confident in our team’s experience and skills. Although it’s highly improbable, if you are less than satisfied with the cleaning of your carpet, we will reschedule another appointment at no extra cost for you. End of Tenancy Cleaning Near Me stands for every single carpet cleaning job our expert technicians do in London.

If you want to save time and money, do not wait to book our local carpet cleaning team in London. The method we use to clean carpets is hot water extraction. This deep steam cleaning procedure combined with professional grade cleaning solutions effectively removes dirt, stains, and bacteria and brings back the rug its beautiful look. Our technicians have years of hands-on experience in maintaining all types of carpets. We can also apply a stain-repelling product to protect your carpet and prolong the cleaning result. Book our carpet experts online or call 020 3962 7438 today.

Steam carpet cleaning

Why Book Our Company:

  • Deep steam cleaning of all types of carpets
  • We work weekends and Bank holidays
  • Vetted and experienced experts
  • Affordable prices
  • No more unsightly carpet stains
  • Less bacteria and better air quality

Services we offer


Q: How does hot water extraction cleaning work?

A: Although the deep cleaning of carpets is more popular as “steam cleaning” the Hot Water Extraction method is different from the conventional steam treatment. The hot water extraction procedure employs high pressure for agitation and heated water for enhancing the reaction time. Here is how the professional steam cleaning method is done:

1. A stream of hot water and cleaning solution are shot through a specialised high-pressure nozzle deep down the carpet pile.

2. Simultaneously, suction attachment is working non-stop to extract the liquids together with the soil and grime set into the threads, leaving carpets clean and refreshed. The hot water extraction machine can absorb up to 95% of the liquid. The professional hot water extraction procedure is fit for all wool or synthetic rugs and carpets, and also for those made of mixed blends.

Q: How long does the steam cleaned rugs take to dry entirely?
A: This depends on the type of your carpet. The drying time is usually between 4 and 6 hours.

Q: How does low moisture/dry chem cleaning work?
A: Here is how the professional dry carpet cleaning is done:
1. The technicians apply a special dry chem powder on the carpet’s surface. They use rotating brushes to spread in the compound deep into the fibres.
2. The cleaning compound creates a chemical bond with the dirt and dust trapped in between the threads.
3. The dry powder is left to sit for a while to loosen up the grime. This makes it easier to extract dirt from the carpet.
4. The technician utilises a professional-grade vacuum to remove the powder and the loosened soil from the carpet.
5. Dry chem carpet cleaning cleans up to 99% of the allergens and bacteria from the carpet and refreshes its look.

Q: Does the dry cleaned carpet need to dry?
A: No. Your carpet can be used right after the cleaning service.

Q: What types of carpets and rugs do you handle?
A: We at End of Tenancy Cleaning Near Me have vast experience which allows us to treat a wide variety of carpets, rugs, mats and other textile floorings. We also provide a service dedicated to Oriental rug cleaning. We clean Persian carpets, Tibetan rugs, Moroccan rugs, Indian carpets, area rugs, runners, circular rugs, sculptured rugs, high pile carpets, and more. Don’t hesitate to contact us, even if you don’t see the type of rug you have listed here – if it is on your floor – we will clean it.

Q: How long until my carpet dries after steam cleaning?
A: If your flooring is made from wool threads or wool blend, then it will take about 4-6 hours to dry completely. For any other types of carpet, it should take approximately 2-4 hours.

Q: How often should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?
A: This depends on how many people live in your property and how much foot traffic your carpets undergo. Treating your rugs with professional stain protection products such as Scotchguard also makes a big difference.
Our specialists at End of Tenancy Cleaning Near Me recommend deep carpet cleaning at least twice a year for home carpets and rugs used on a regular basis.

Q: What stain protection do you offer, and why should I use it?
A: We can provide you with a professional-grade stain protection product, which significantly extends the duration of the cleanliness of your rugs if applied right after a professional carpet cleaning. The stain-repelling layer also prolongs the life of your floorings considerably, especially when used at high-traffic areas of your home.

Q: What is your availability?
A: We at End of Tenancy Cleaning Near Me work seven days a week, as well as on bank holidays. You can even book us for an evening appointment. We provide professional cleaning services for your home or office throughout Central, East, North-East, North, North-West, West, South-West South, and South-East London.

Q: Do you move furniture?
A: The professional carpet cleaning service usually requires only one technician. The technician could move light pieces of furniture as long as this does not pose a risk of injuries or damage to your furnishings.

Q: What kind of detergents do you use?
A: We are using professional-grade eco-friendly products with proven cleaning efficiency. These detergents are safe both for humans and pet animals. And when speaking of safety, in order to prevent accidents like slips, injuries or re-soiling, we kindly ask you to avoid walking on the floorings before they dry completely.

Q: Is your staff insured and reliable?
A: Yes, all team members of End of Tenancy Cleaning Near Me are vetted and insured. Our cleaning professionals have undergone professional training and have certificates for their specific skills. You can easily recognise our technicians because they wear branded uniforms, carry IDs, and drive equipped and branded vehicles.

Q: What happens if my carpet is damaged?
A: Although this rarely happens, accidents do sometimes occur, even when skilled technicians carry out the procedures. Luckily, all of our professionals are insured, so you will be sufficiently compensated in case something unplanned happens.

Book a Carpet Cleaner Now!

Book with us to save time and money and get the best results when maintaining your home or office carpets! If you hire our professional carpet cleaners for several cleaning jobs at once, you will get a special discounted end price for booking multiple services! You can combine carpet cleaning with our upholstery cleaning or curtain cleaning service. We can also clean your oven, or deal with dirty windows from inside and out.

Book a Carpet Cleaner Now!

Book End of Tenancy Cleaning Near Me to save time and money and get the best results when maintaining your home or office carpets! If you hire our professionals for several cleaning jobs at once, you will get a special discounted end price for booking multiple services! You can combine carpet cleaning with our upholstery cleaning or curtain cleaning service. We can also clean your oven, or deal with dirty windows from inside and out. Our carpet cleaning technicians can be booked to clean both your residential or commercial property.