Our upholstery cleaning kills various viruses and bacteria in the fabrics.


We use advanced eco-friendly products to remove dirt and stains.


Use your soft furniture on the same day after the upholstery cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning London

Do you need a reliable upholstery cleaning company in London? Book our expert sofa cleaners and enjoy amazing results and outstanding service at competitive rates! You can count on us to remove dust, dirt and stubborn stains from your couch fast and easy! Keeping your furniture clean and disinfected is essential for our health, especially now that we spend so much time at home. That is why we use an upholstery cleaning method that deals with dirt and eliminates 99% of harmful microorganisms. So take advantage of our expertise and save time and money with our furniture cleaning services in London.

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You can count on our professional sofa cleaning service on any occasion. A nasty stain on the upholstery drives you crazy – we can deal with it! Need to get the sofa cleaned to get your tenancy deposit back? No problem! We will put all of our skills and experience into use to get your furniture spotless! At the End of Tenancy Cleaning Near Me, we apply proven methods to remove dirt and stains from soft furnishings – armchairs, sofas, ottomans, mattresses, and even car seats. Our team has years of experience cleaning various furniture fabrics and materials: wool, silk, microfibre, cotton, velour, linen, rayon, nylon, leather, non-colourfast fabrics, upholstery with code S or Y and more. Book furniture cleaning with us and enjoy excellent customer service and affordable prices.

Checking the Fabric

Every furniture cleaning job starts with an inspection of the upholstery. First, our specialists need to determine what type of fabric they are dealing with. They also check the furniture’s condition to see if there are stains, wear and tear, or other blemishes. This step helps our experts choose the most appropriate product for your sofa or armchair. And, when talking about products, you should know we use only high-quality eco-friendly detergents.


The second thing we do when we are called for furniture cleaning is pre-treatment of the upholstery. At this stage, we would vacuum the piece to remove dirt and hairs from the surface. Then, if there are any spots on the furniture, the cleaners apply a specialised stain removal product. This detergent breaks the bonds between the dirt and the upholstery fabric, efficiently lifting even old, hard to remove stains.

Machine Cleaning

After dealing with the stains, our cleaners continue with the deep upholstery cleaning. Most soft furnishings nowadays can be efficiently cleaned with a hot water extraction unit. This powerful machine uses boiling water and minimal amounts of detergent, leaving no residue in the fabric. When cleaning delicate or leather furniture, we would use specialised solutions to lift the dirt without damaging the material.

Our Sofa Cleaning Service

Book us for sofa cleaning in London and enjoy excellent service at an affordable price. Let us bring the as-new condition of your furniture so you can save your energy, time and money! The professional equipment and products we use are included in the price. So you will know how much it will cost you to get your upholstery cleaned before we even start.

If you want to save time and money, consider booking our local upholstery cleaning team in London. We use top of the shelf cleaning solutions to remove old staining or generally refresh used fabrics. Our team is experienced cleaning various upholstery materials such as polyester, leather and many more. We use professional deep steam cleaning method to remove any dirt or debris lodged into crevices. Book our team online or speak to a member of staff today.

Upholstery Cleaning Prices List

Two seater sofa £24
Three seater sofa £34
Four seater sofa £44
Dining chair £8
Armchair £19
Short Curtains £26
Long Curtains £31
Single Mattress £21
Double Mattress £31

*Please note that additional charges for Congestion Charge and Parking may apply (if applicable).

*Minimum charges apply

Upholstery steam cleaning

Benefits Booking Us

  • Clean even hard-to-reach crevices with powerful equipment
  • No weekend or Bank holiday surcharge
  • Competent and experienced cleaners
  • Very competitive prices
  • No more microbes and germs
  • No more old and stubborn stains
  • Less dust in your home

Services we offer


A: Deep upholstery cleaning is a professional method for treating all kinds of upholstered furniture in your home. We apply this procedure to sanitise sofas, dining chairs, armchairs, and other soft furnishings in depth. Follow this link to read more about our upholstery cleaning service in London.

A: We have a proven upholstery cleaning method that includes vacuuming, stain removal, and deodorising all soft furniture types. At End of Tenancy Cleaning Near Me, we prefer the hot water extraction method, which is beneficial for most furniture upholstery types. The treatment helps deal with old, stubborn dirt on armchairs, sofas, and other furniture. The professional sofa cleaning removes stains, dust and eliminates harmful bacteria.

A: Hot Water Extraction, also called “steam cleaning”, is a deep treatment method for rugs and upholstery. The professional machines we use have a tank filled with detergent and water. The solution is heated to a boiling temperature and sprayed through a high-pressure nozzle onto the furniture. The detergent works on removing the dirt, while high temperature kills bacteria and allergens settled into the upholstery. Simultaneously, the machine pulls the solution out of the furniture, along with all the grime. Hot water extraction machines extract more than 90% of the liquid, leaving the furniture sanitised and almost dry. The professional upholstery cleaning method we use is suitable for natural and synthetic fabrics.

A: We use professional products with tried-and-tested efficiency to remove different stains and soiling. All of the detergents we use are created, especially for the cleaning of soft furniture. They are non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, and safe for children and pet animals and asthma and allergy sufferers. Nevertheless, if you are sensitive to any chemical ingredients, please inform us in advance. We will use a substitute during the sofa cleaning service.

A: Yes, we use only professional cleaning gear. We use the upholstery cleaning products and tools from ProChem and Ashbys, leading suppliers to the global cleaning industry.

A: We usually place a large sheet underneath the furniture when we clean it to protect the carpet and floor below.

A: The prices for our sofa cleaning service don’t cover the cost of parking and congestion charges. It would be best if you can find a free-of-charge spot near your home so we can park our vehicle. Otherwise, we kindly request that you take care of the parking fee while our technicians clean your furniture.

A: We accept cash or credit and debit cards. You can also pay for our upholstery cleaning service via bank transfer.

A: Upholstery materials made from wool and wool blends can take from 4 to 7 hours before drying. All of the other upholstery fabrics require from 3 to 6 hours to dry completely.

A: At End of Tenancy Cleaning Near Me, we offer professional cleaning for various types of sofas, couches, armchairs, dining chairs, ottomans, car seats and other upholstered pieces.

A: On average, the hot water extraction of a three-piece suite takes around an hour. However, the cleaning time can vary, going up to 3 hours, depending on the level of soiling, the number of cushions, are there any stubborn stains etc.

A: That depends. Large families and families with pets usually need to clean their furniture more often than people with smaller households. Applying professional stain protection products on the sofa also prolongs the cleanliness of the fabric. Our specialists recommend professional upholstery cleaning twice a year for furniture used on a daily basis.

A: The efficiency of stain cleaners depends on the type of dirt. Thanks to our advanced cleaning products, we can usually remove even stubborn stains. However, some spots originate from substances that can damage or discolour the fabric permanently. The age and variety of upholstery are also factors that determine the stain removal procedure’s success. In any case, our upholstery cleaning crew will do everything in their power to remove the stains and spots from your furniture.

A: At End of Tenancy Cleaning Near Me, we provide professional upholstery cleaning for your furniture throughout London 7 days a week, in the evenings, and even on bank holidays at no additional cost to your bill. You can book our professional cleaning services in Central, East, North-East, North, North-West, West, South-West South, and South-East London.

A: You can do a light vacuuming of the sofa, though it’s okay to leave this to our professionals. We kindly ask you to remove all items off and near the furniture – lamps, plants, mirrors, books, clothes, etc. before the upholstery cleaning service.

A: Yes. All members of our End of Tenancy Cleaning Near Me are vetted and insured. Our specialists are trained and certified for their skills. You can easily recognise our cleaning teams by the branded uniforms, IDs, and branded vehicles.

A: Even when experienced sofa cleaners carry out the service, accidents can sometimes occur. Although this rarely happens, all technicians are insured so that you will receive sufficient compensation in case something unplanned happens.

A: We can provide a professional-grade stain protector upon your request. When applied after a deep sofa cleaning, the product prolongs the upholstery’s cleanliness significantly. Stain-repellent applied regularly also helps extend the lifespan of your sofa. We offer a six-months guarantee for the stain-protector we use on soft furniture.

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Book End of Tenancy Cleaning Near Me and start saving money today! If you book our teams for several jobs at once, you get an exclusive end price for our services! You can combine upholstery cleaning with a carpet or rug cleaning. We can also take care of dirty windows or greasy oven, refresh your mattress or deal with the end of tenancy cleaning for your rental. Our upholstery cleaning team can be hired to clean your sofa, armchair, or even car seats.

Book Your Sofa Cleaner Now!

Book End of Tenancy Cleaning Near Me and start saving money today! If you book our teams for several jobs at once, you get an exclusive end price for our services! You can combine upholstery cleaning with a carpet or rug cleaning. We can also take care of dirty windows or greasy oven, refresh your mattress or deal with the end of tenancy cleaning for your rental. Our upholstery cleaning team can be hired to clean your sofa, armchair, or even car seats.