Red wine is the perfect addition to a nice night at home with loved ones, friends, or family. This traditional drink is a well-loved favourite by many. The only downside is that if you spill any of the tasty liquid, it is very tricky to tackle the stain without worsening the situation. That is why our team of professionals put together the guide on how to get red wine out of carpets.

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How to Get Red Wine Out of Carpets

Let us note that these tricks will only work if the stain is fresh and still wet. If the stain is old, we would recommend you contact professional carpet cleaners or stain-removal specialists to deal with the job.

Now, let us get down to business. Here is a list of things that will help you treat the spill:

Paper towels, white cloth, sponge;
Dish soap;
Hydrogen peroxide;
Stain remover (for carpets);
White wine;
Bicarbonate of soda.

When dealing with wine stains, you will need to move fast. The above ingredients will help form 4 different methods for tackling the spill, so do not worry if you do not have everything at hand.

How to Get Red Wine Out of Carpets Using Dish Soap and Hydrogen Peroxide:

Get your paper towels (or cloths) and blot up as much of the moisture as possible without applying pressure. Pressing or rubbing can cause the stain to sink deeper into the fibres of the carpet.
Now get a bit of cool water and use that to continue blotting until you can no longer see much wine coming up.
Time to mix a smidgeon of dish soap with a cup of hydrogen peroxide. Make sure your hydrogen peroxide is not too strong as it can cause discolouration.
And now carry on blotting the area with cool to lukewarm water until there is nothing left to remove. After it dries, give the carpet a once over with a hoover.

How to Get Red Wine Out of Carpets Using Stain Remover:

Again, get your paper towels and blot up as much of the moisture as possible without rubbing in the wine.
Rinse out as much as you can using cool water and a cloth or sponge.
Now follow the instructions on the bottle of stain remover. After which, give the carpet a vacuum.

How to Get Red Wine Out of Carpets Using Salt:

This is a great last-resort method if you do not have anything handy around the house. First complete steps 1&2 from the first method.
Now get your salt and pour a generous pile on top of the area. leave this to sit for a good hour. If possible, leave it overnight so as to soak up as much as possible of the liquid.
Take away as much of the salt as possible and give the area a once over with a vacuum.

How to Get Red Wine Out of Carpets Using White Wine and Bicarbonate of Soda:

soda for upholstery cleaning

If you do not have any water at hand, white wine will do the job. Now, you may be thinking, why would I add more wine to the problem. As long as it is not a sticky dessert wine, it will do the job of diluting the red wine as well as water. Just pour it over the red wine. Do not try this method if your carpet is easily damaged by excess moisture.
Blot the area with a sponge and bucket and soak up as much as you can.
Make a bicarbonate-of-soda-based paste and apply it to the spill. A more watery paste will work perfectly, try equal parts water and soda bicarb.
Cover the stain with a thick absorbent towel and leave it overnight. Place a weight on the towel for best results.
Take away the towel and when the paste is completely dry, hoover it up with a vacuum.

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