End of tenancy cleaning is a very important part of returning your security deposit in full. Other than the maintenance of the property according to the lease agreement, hygiene is the next most significant thing on the list. You may want to know the ins and outs before you hire an end of tenancy cleaning team, what the cleaners provide as a service and the standard price ranges.

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You can count on the end of tenancy cleaners to pay attention to the smallest details and make sure your rental looks amazing.

What Tasks Do End of Tenancy Cleaners Actually Do?

Check-out cleaners from different companies provide slightly different services. EOT cleaners perform a wide range of services from cleaning floors to polishing windows and cleaning the furniture. Here is a quick list of the services most of the end of tenancy cleaning firms provide:


  • Thoroughly hoover mattresses and floors. Dust all surfaces, curtain poles, pictures. Mop all floors. Dust ceilings and light fixtures, remove cobwebs.

Bathrooms and toilets

  • Remove all water stains, clean out all sink basins, scrub fittings, showers, baths and toilets clean. Thoroughly hoover and mop the floors. Dusting, removing cobwebs and cleaning the walls and ceilings.


  • Clean all surfaces, remove any rubbish. Dusting all surfaces, walls, ceilings. Cleaning the floors (mopping and vacuuming). Polishing kitchen appliances, cleaning cupboards

Dining room

  • Polish the table, chairs and other furniture. Dusting, removing cobwebs, and cleaning the floors, walls and ceilings.

Living room

  • Cleaning all furniture (armchairs, couches, tables, shelves, TV stands etc.) Dusting all surfaces, cleaning floors, walls and ceilings.

Other than that, most the end of tenancy cleaners will also do all the doors, door frames, windows, window frames and window sills around your rented property. Check-out cleaners when dusting and cleaning, also lift all appliances and ornaments and polish all surfaces thoroughly. They take care of all the upholstery. Of course, their services all vary from company to company. It’s best to consult different companies and find which one suits your price range and needs. For reference – you can check our End of Lease Cleaning Checklist.

Standard Price Ranges for Move-Out Cleaners

Studio flat £79-£189
1 bedroom property £94-£195
2 bedroom property £129-£249
3 bedroom property £159-£269
4 bedroom property £189-£300

Price ranges vary from company to company, but a low price does not mean low quality. Every company has its own company structure. Some of the best cleaners in London also happen to be cheaper. Cleaning usually tends to take from 4 hours to 1 or 2 days, depending on how many check-out cleaners are on the job and the size of the rental property.

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Most move out cleaners can bring all the materials and tools they need to get the job done.

Do I need to provide anything for the EOT cleaners?

You may be wondering, do I need to provide any cleaning supplies or tools? No, you do not. That is all included in the price. All professional cleaning companies equip their end of tenancy cleaners with all the equipment and cleaning products they need for the job. All you need to supply is money, space and time our end of lease cleaners in Fulham need to get their job done!

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