Moving out can be stressful. When it comes to retrieving your deposit, other than the inventory check, the condition of your rental property is crucial. While other elements of your lease agreement vary from landlord to landlord, the one thing all rental owners want is cleanliness. Other than that it’s time-consuming. So here is a short guide on what to get done before the check-out cleaners arrive.

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Must-do: Communicate!
communicate before move-out cleaners

If you have any doubts be sure to ask before the arrival of the cleaners. Communication is key to getting what you want. Ask if there are any specific requirements from the cleaning team. For example, if they need all rubbish to be thrown out beforehand.
This is also a good way to get across any special instructions you may have for the cleaners. Whether they be guidelines as to how to deal with a household pet or a fiddly piece of furniture. Even leaving a note to reassure yourself that nothing will be left out may be a good idea.

Don’t forget to de-clutter before end of lease cleaners!

Check-out cleaning teams can give you better results while getting it done much more time-efficiently. Here is a short checklist of must-do’s before the move-out cleaners:

  1. If you have any fragile ornaments or objects you don’t want broken, package them up in bubble wrap ready for moving and put them away (suitcase, cupboard).
  2. Make sure you tidy up any important documents, papers, and notes. Here’s a quick tip: put them in a polly pocket or a folder all together so as you don’t lose them while moving house.
  3. Wash up and put away any dirty dishes around the place.
  4. Put away all pet/children’s toys. They can be sneaky and trip someone up!
  5. Make sure your kitchen appliances are neatly in place and not strewn all over the countertops.
  6. Throw out any kitchen waste and rubbish that’s in the rental.
  7. Make sure all your toiletries are put away neatly. Having to move them around to clean takes up lots of time.
  8. Said in one sentence: make sure all your nicks and nacks are neat and out of the way.

must de-clutter before end of lease cleaners

Guaranteeing the right cleaning environment for end of tenancy cleaners can be key to getting the best results. It’s hard to tip-toe around someone’s delicate objects. It only takes half an hour tops to give the place a quick clean-up. If you don’t have time to do a quick tidy, discuss the matter with your cleaners before their arrival. Lots of companies offer different types of services such as domestic or one-off cleaning. You can work an extra service into your move-out clean and guarantee the best results!

Must-do: Give feedback!
must give feedback on cleaners

Feedback is an after-cleaners thing to get done, but it’s also very important! Never forget to report back to the company about the quality of the service. Whether good or bad – when you let us know we can improve and grow our services to satisfy our clients.
Giving quality reviews on end of tenancy cleaning services helps to:

  • Let the end of lease cleaners know if you’re happy with the job;
  • Inform the company of the standard of cleaning;
  • Advice for better service;
  • Guarantee the best possible customer service for all.

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