End of tenancy cleaning is the process of a thorough cleaning of your entire rented living space before freeing up the rented property. End of tenancy cleaning can be performed by its tenants or by a professional cleaning company hired by the tenants. The move-out cleaning is a time-consuming mundane task to make sure the rental property is in a fit condition for its future residents. Check-out cleaning is key in returning your security deposit in full.

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Do the end-of-lease clean up a day or two before handling the key.

Why Do I Need to Perform a Move-out Clean?

Landlords in the UK are very strict regarding the lease agreement. When you move into a rental property you are obliged to pay a deposit. The deposit is there to assure the landlord that if you have any unpaid rent upon leaving, or have inflicted any damage to the property or have in any way strayed from the lease agreement, that they may take what they are owed from the deposit. In the UK deposits on rental properties are quite high, at an average being somewhere around £1100.

At the end of your tenancy, if all is up to the landlord’s standards, you shall receive your tenancy deposit back in full. That is why so many people hire move-out cleaners. The price of the cleaners is far more acceptable than losing your entire deposit.

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A DIY move-out cleaning is an option but you will need more advanced tools and products than these.

Deciding Whether to Attempt the Clean Yourself or to Hire Professionals

End of tenancy cleaning can be very time-consuming and absolutely exhausting. Of course, if the rental property is shared between 3 or more people it shouldn’t take more than 6 hours to achieve a fairly reasonable result. However, not everyone has that kind of time on their hands, between jobs, families and studying you may just not have the spare time you need to put in the effort. Also, not all landlords are going to be pleased with ‘fairly reasonable’.

When deciding on how to tackle your move-out clean you should have a sit-down and chat with your landlord to discuss what their expectations would be. Of course, you should bring the lease agreement with you and assess whether or not the landlord’s wishes are reasonable according to the lease agreement. No landlord is within their rights to ask something of you which is not included in the lease agreement.

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End of tenancy cleaners will deliver outstanding results even in the rooms that require extra work.

Advantages of Hiring End of Lease Cleaners

The average team of end of lease cleaners usually consists of about 3-4 people. Move-out cleaners are highly skilled in their and well-equipped by their companies. They have all the cleaning agents necessary along with all the equipment one might need to perform an end of tenancy clean. Whereas if you were going to attempt the clean on your own you would most likely have to go out and buy all the equipment you may be lacking in order to perform an acceptable move-out clean. Check-out cleaning is a very important part of returning your security deposit in full. Sometimes a little extra help from professionals like our Wimbledon end of tenancy cleaning crew can be a big part in returning what’s rightfully yours.

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