With the increased urbanization, there is a need for one to live in a rental house. This is because it is difficult to build a house in a new place simply because you got a transfer. Before you get into any house to rent, it requires that you check it condition well. As you leave it too, it should be in a good condition too as you found it. Most of the houses require that you pay the deposit. This caters for any damage that is incurred in the time you stay there. To get your deposit in full, it is important to follow the following end of tenancy cleaning to ensure that you leave it in good condition. The different parts of the house are cleaned differently.

Move out cleaning tips

Products Used for Cleaning

The parts of the house consist of different types of dirt. For instance, the kitchen may be oily which may be different from dust in the living room. As you buy the cleaning detergents, ensure that you buy glass cleaners for the windows and any other glass item in the house. Oven cleaner is a requirement too. Remember a degreaser that will ensure that greasy surfaces are well cleaned. This will help leave the house in the best condition ever for your landlord end of tenancy clean inspection.

Cleaning the Kitchen

The kitchen has a lot of items that require removal before the clean up starts. These range from the items stored in the cabinets and the electrical appliances in that kitchen. You, therefore, start by removing all the items on your shelves and cupboards. Clean both the inside and outside of the cupboard. Defrost the fridge and clean it thoroughly. There is another important part of the kitchen and that is the sink. Ensure that you descale it. Leave it the cleanest way possible.

Cleaning the Living Room

End of tenancy cleaning includes cleaning all the places where the seats, tables, and electrical appliances have been sitting for long. Much work done in the living room includes cleaning of the carpets and dusting. You can use a vacuum cleaner to do the carpet job. Remove the electronics which includes the TV and radios. Dust them to ensure that they are clean. Clean the furniture too and give them a good polish. Lastly tidy up the floor thoroughly and ensure that no dirt is visible.

Cleaning the Bathroom

This requires special attention to leave it spotlessly clean. There are several areas that require to be thoroughly cleaned. These include; Tiles in the bathroom, mirrors, taps, and bathtubs. You need to ensure that all the drainage systems and holes are not blocked to enable easy flow of dirty water so that the owner will be pleased. Check all the faucets, remove the soap scum, ensure the shower is working properly, remove the mould and clean every part so that the entire bathroom is left in good condition.


You need to ensure that the windows are sparkling clean from the inside to the outside. The best products to clean windows include alcohol and vinegar that leaves the windows shining. If during your tenure you had broken any glass pane, you should fix by replacing the pane as this will be the first impression that the landlord might use against you when you are about to move out.


Remove all the dirt marks on the walls to retain the original colour as you found the house. Scrub all the marks that might have been caused by any of your actions. Use friendly items and products to clean to avoid damaging the walls, otherwise, the landlord might decide to charge you for repainting and deny to return you the deposit. To prevent damaging the walls, you should always avoid hitting on the nails for hanging your items and instead find a place or a classy furniture to place your antiques, wall charts and any other stuff you have for the walls.

The Oven and the Hob

Check the oven for the excessive build-up of grimes, dust, and grease that may give the house a bad picture and reduce your points as the tenant. Oven cleaning is a difficult task but you need to do it if you had been using it excessively as it will be among the first places to be inspected. Also check the hob in racks, baking trays, burners, handles, and switches so that you leave the entire house in the best condition. EOT needn’t cause additional stress for you. Our professional end of tenancy cleaners in Maida Vale are good enough to do the job expertly!