If you’re staying in a rented apartment and you’re thinking of moving home, then an end of tenancy cleaning is very important because without a proper end of lease cleaning checklist you can lose some or your entire bond or deposit money. When you moved in you must have done a thorough inspection of the rented apartment, if that’s the case, it’s time to go through the report you made of items (good or bad) so you’ll be able to recover your bond money and concentrate on the areas that need repairs and cleaning.

End of tenancy cleaning list

Our Top 5 Tips

Since it’s more cost-effective to carry out your end of tenancy cleaning done yourself, here are 5 end of lease cleaning tips for moving home.

1. Start by getting things that need repairs fixed. This will save you time and effort if you do it after cleaning. Proceed to empty the house, be very careful with breakables. This will make it easy for you to see all the nook and crannies of your home.

2. Clean the walls and floors, check the walls for marks, wash them off and if it does not go off then you will have to add a coat of fresh paint in the same colour. This may take time so you may want to start early. Some floors are covered with carpets or rugs, check for stains and clean, some stubborn stains may need professional care.

3. It’s time to check out the exteriors of your house;

  • Proceed to clean your windows inside and outside. Some windows may be out of reach or dangerous to clean by yourself, you may need to call the professionals.
  • Remove cob-webs, trim the flower bed, cut the lawns, and remove debris from the pool if any.
  • Remove all rubbish ensuring that you wash out waste bins. Ensure that outdoor lightening is functioning, if not, fix it.

4. Getting your house to look exactly the way it was when you moved in is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort, a thorough cleaning of the interiors is essential in your end of rental cleaning;

  • Start by making sure you clean ceiling fans, blinds, furniture, cupboards, pictures and AC unit.
  • Wash and dry clean curtains.
  • Check the kitchen oven, fridges, dishwasher and other appliances. Clean until it’s spotless.
  • Clean and disinfect toilets, showers, baths, and screens, remove mould and gouts. Do not neglect other little fixtures like the toilet roll holders, towel rails, taps, and mirrors.
  • Afterwards, sweep and mop tiled floor especially behind heavy appliances like refrigerator, dish washer, washing machine, and dryer.

5. Finally, remember to carry out another inspection with the property owner or agent to ensure that both parties are in agreement.

End of lease cleaning is not an easy task. It is exhausting and time-consuming and must be done carefully. However, if you plan ahead of time by preparing a to-do list with these tips mentioned here, and then proceed to follow through, it will save your bond money or deposit. Alternatively, you can book our professional end of tenancy cleaning service in Islington.