We understand how you feel when you notice that your beloved couch is covered in stains. If your couch is dirty, you will also get odor. Although many homeowners think that cleaning a couch is a hard task, it is not. But you should not be scared, even if you do not have access to a steam cleaner.

Spot cleaning

First, we are going to show you how to clean spots. We recommend you read the steps carefully and follow them.

Read instructions on the tag

On the tag, you will find some important information. By reading it, you will know what type of solvent can be used on the couch. Water can be used only if the couch is machine washable. But you will need to use vinegar or alcohol if it is not machine washable. If you are wondering how to steam clean a couch without a steam cleaner, it is important to read the tag.  

If you find a “W” on the tag, feel free to use water. However, if it reads “S”, you have use a dry cleaning agent such as rubbing alcohol or vinegar. And you can use water or a dry cleaning agent if there is “S-W” on the tag. If you find an “X” on the tag, you can only vacuum clean it.

Blot up spills

We should clarify something here: you can blot up only recent spills. No matter what type of couch it is, you must get spills up. To mop the spill, you can use a piece of cloth. You can also pick up the spills with that cloth.

Vacuum the couch

It will help you remove the debris. If debris is left on the couch, you will find it hard to clean it. To clean the couch, you can use a simple vacuum cleaner. If there is pet hair on the couch, vacuuming will help it.

Use some dish soap

Take some cool water and mix some dish soap in the water. Take a sponge, dip it in the mixture and use it. With the wet sponge, you can dab at the stain. Do it for a few minutes. Use some more water and do the same again.

Use vinegar or alcohol to blot stains

We stated it earlier that if there is a “S” on the tag of your couch, you can use cleaners such as alcohol or vinegar. Take a piece of clean cloth; dip it in either alcohol or vinegar, and dab at the stain. It will disappear soon.

Make sure the alcohol you use is clear, such as rubbing alcohol or vodka. If you want to know how to steam clean a sofa without a steam cleaner, you should be at least familiar with alcohol and vinegar.

Try baby wipes

If you have microfiber couches, you will find them easier to clean. If there is a spill, use a clean baby wipes to blot it up. If you dab at the fabric, the spill will be completely gone. If you need, you can use another baby wipe.

Repeat the process

You will have to work a bit harder if there are persistent stains. If stain persists, you can consider using a commercial cleaner. Using upholstery cleaner, you can get the job done. After spraying, you have to let it sit for a while. You will get amazing results if you use foaming carpet cleaner.

Deep cleaning

Before you start deep sofa cleaning, you must remove debris from the couch. Remove dead skill cells and dust from the couch. If the couch is clean, you will find the next steps easier to follow.

Sprinkle some baking soda

First, you have to separate cushions from the couch. Then sprinkle some baking soda on the couch and cushions. Let the baking soda sit for an hour. If you get really bad odour from the couch, you should let baking soda sit for longer—about 12 hours. If necessary, repeat the process several times.

Do spot treatments

If there are stains from blood, wine of ink, a spot cleaning treatment will be needed to remove these difficult substances. Spray it on and let it sit for some time. Then use a clean cloth to blot up the treatment. Avoid rubbing it with a brush.

Use distilled water to clean leather couches

You need Nuetrogena, Dove or any other mild soap to do it. Just make sure that soap is PH –balanced. Take a few drops in a bucket, and then take distilled water. For a sudsy solution, mix them lightly. Then take a microfiber cloth and tip it into the mixture.

Use only a little distilled water to wipe the couch. Then, use a microfiber cloth to dry it off. While normal water leaves some water stains, distilled water leaves none. You can prepare another cleaner by mixing vinegar with leather soap.

Mix flax seed oil and vinegar, and use the mixture to condition the leather. The procedure is pretty easy. Soak a piece of cloth into the mixture and then use it to wipe the sofa. On the following day, take a piece of dry cloth and wipe the sofa again.

Cleaning fabrics that handle water

You need the following ingredients to clean fabrics that can be washed with water: liquid dish soap, white vinegar and water. Mix them up by shaking them lightly. Take a scrubbing brush to rub the mixture into the fabric. Wondering how to steam clean a couch without a steam cleaner, knowing how to clean the fabrics may be the answer.

Then scrub the fabrics in water. Studs will go away. If the day is sunny, move the couch outdoors. If the fabrics are too delicate, you should not wash them in this way.

Use a couch cleaner

To clean fabrics that can be washed in water, you can also try a couch cleaner. You will find the process easier if you separate the cushions from the couch. Carefully read the instructions provided by the manufacturer. The machine has an arm and it pumps out water and soap.

You can contact an improvement store to rent a couch cleaner. Do not get confused if the label reads “carpet cleaner”. They are the same things.

Brush it back

When the fabrics dry, they will look rough. Move it back by using a soft brush. Brush the entire couch and make it smooth. A tint roller can make the task easier.

Take care of the non-fabric parts

Your couch has other parts made of plastic, metal and wood. These parts are bare—not covered in fabric. That is why cleaning these parts are relatively easy. You just need some soapy water to clean them. If you want to know how to steam clean a couch without a steam cleaner, you should also think about the non-fabric parts of the couch.

Take about 220 ml of warm water and mix 4-5 drops of dish soap. Take a piece of clean cloth and dip the cloth into the water. Then use this wet cloth to wipe the parts of the chair that are non-fabric. Once you have wipes them up, let them dry in air.

Clean cushion covers

Separate the covers from the couch. At a time, do not wash more than 4-5 cushions. You will have to figure out a way to remember which covers will fit which cushions.

Use a good detergent to wash these covers. Before you start cleaning, it is a good idea to read the instructions from the manufacturer. There may be a recommended way to wash the cushions. Similarly, there may be a particular way to dry them.