We all need house furniture. With all the surrounding choices, a suede couch is one of the greatest masterpieces you can have under your ownership. Regrettably, all furniture requires great care and attention for it to serve its purpose and the suede couch is no exception to this. That settled, it is mandatory you learn all the ropes pertaining to suede upholstery care.

The protective approach

Does this sound confusing? To be honest, you need to protect your furniture from accidental spills that might ruin your fabric for good.

But what do you need for this process to be a success? Well, a water-based or synthetic protective spray gets the job done and to the level of perfection you desire.

On application, the spray forms a layer or film that makes it easier for you to clean up your suede upholstery even with an accidental spill.

Whoever said that prevention is better than cure was never wrong. However, it does not end there. The application process, being a highly complex one, requires you to take a step at a time whether done weekly or monthly.

It is a general requirement that you work in sections as you apply the protective film. Anyhow, safety comes first. Therefore, it is vital you work your way through the entire coach in a well-ventilated space because of the toxic nature of the fumes.

Preferably, you can wear a ventilator’s mask to protect you from the same. That settled, I need to show you how to clean suede furniture yourself by going through each section at a time in the short term.

Correcting what the stain repellent cannot prevent

Let us face it. A suede couch is also prone to dust and other debris. Thus, it is important you devise an approach to cater to these anomalies.

Dirt and dust, for example, are easy to handle. With the help of a handheld vacuum, you can get rid of all the lint on your suede furniture. However, you need to thorough in your approach given that some of these particles stick like glue.

You must after vacuuming the upholstery pass a suede brush on to the fabric to ensure that all the dirt and dust you missed before have gotten eliminated. In short, this section teaches you how to clean suede furniture yourself with only a vacuum cleaner and suede brush.

Taking care of wet spills

How would you go about the how to clean suede furniture yourself question especially when dealing with wet spills? It is simple.

All you need to do is to moisten a clean cloth with white vinegar or suede cleaner and rub the same on the affected area.

However, you need to rub the area in smooth, circular motions to avoid distorting the condition of the fabric. You can also use cross patterns as you deem fit.

To be extra effective, cleaning ought to get done as soon as there is a spill.

Dry spills-how to go about the issue

Dry stains are the worst because they cling more to the suede upholstery.

Regardless, they too can get eliminated only after you have learned how to clean suede furniture yourself.

For the record, never treat dry spills in the same way you would counter wet stains because they are different both in state and form. In short, what works for wet stains does not necessarily work for dry ones.

That said, you can now proceed by tidying up the affected areas gently with a suede brush. Brushing is essential because it helps you get rid of any loose dirt.

For stubborn stains, it is advisable you use a suede eraser to eliminate the same. It is then and only then that you get compelled to clear out the rest of the debris with a suede brush.

In either scenario, gentleness is the key.

Handling grease stains like a pro

Suede upholstery and grease stains do not coexist well. As a matter of fact, you should do all within your power to ensure that the two never meet.

But what do you do when the uneventful happens? Applying cornstarch or pat talcum powder to the affected areas and leaving it to settle for a night helps ease your situation.

However, that is not all you must do. You must, when you wake up, vacuum the powder off the suede fabric.

Recall, cornstarch absorbs the grease leaving your sofa neat and clean. For more persistent stains, it is recommended that you use a brown gum eraser to achieve that perfect finish.

Bloodstains, thick or thin

Have you ever encountered a blood spill on your fabric? To be blunt; cleaning such a stain kills. As a matter of fact, you may never get rid of the stain in its entirety.

Anyhow, what if I told you there was a way you could eliminate a blood stain from your suede furniture completely. Would you believe me?

The truth of the matter is a mixture of warm water and soap is all you need to get rid of the menace. However, always rub the fabric in smooth and gentle motions to avoid damaging your most prized possession.

Closing thoughts

Suede furniture is a luxury only a few individuals can afford. Therefore, it is important that you take excellent care of the same lest you suffer a lot of financial turmoil.

Apart from taking superb care of your furniture, it is vital you learn how to clean your suede upholstery in one sweep without damaging it.

The secret to achieving perfection lies in the techniques and products you use. While cleaning, it is essential you use a clean, lint-free rug at all times. Additionally, it is important you rub all dirty edges gently to avoid damaging the upholstery.

Most importantly, use products that are readily available in your house. From the look of things, upholstery cleaning is possible only if you know what you must do and when to do it.