In living rooms or studies, couches are the centerpieces. They are comfortable and big, and we are drawn to them when we are tired. You constantly sit, eat or work on them. In any household, people use couches pretty harshly.

Polyester or other synthetic materials are used in Microfiber couches. That is why it is not easy to clean these couches. To clean Microfiber couches, upholstery steam cleaning is one of the best options. High-pressure steam can clean the nooks and crannies of Microfiber couches. In this post, we will show you how to steam clean a Microfiber couches.

Benefits of steam cleaning Microfiber couches

Steam cleaning is a great way to remove dirt and stains from a couch. If there are excessive dirt and stains, couches and sofas look dingy, dull and unattractive. If you steam clean a couch regularly, it will last longer. To generate steam, this method of cleaning uses only water, no harsh chemicals.

However, there are some steams cleaning machines that use a cleaning solution, which is developed only for being used in a steamer. If there is odour in your couch, you may need to consider this option. But you should not use this solution if any of your family members has fragrance allergies.

Yes, you can do it!

Microfiber, an upholstery fabric, has been used to make sofas, chairs and some other items. You can easily clean and maintain this synthetic material, and it is pretty durable. You do not have to exert significant effort to clean it, and that is part of the reason why it is so popular.

You should clean the couch whenever you notice a stain on it. If you are late, you may find it hard to clean it. Before you clean the couch, make sure you read the recommendations from the manufacturer of the couch. You should pay attention to this task before you move on and clean something else.

Yes, your microfiber couch will lost its dazzle over time. You may need to use chemical cleaner and that have a harsh effect on the couch. That is why you must be careful when you are using a chemical cleaner. In some cases, the chemical cleaner may exacerbate the problem. The ideal way is to steam clean it.

When you notice a stain, you have to do general cleaning to make sure that it does not look dirty. A steam cleaner can make the job a lot easier. To remove dirt, you have to vacuum your sofa lightly. Before you do real cleaning, you must remove other debris such as pet hair and torn paper.

You can clean synthetic, vinyl and cotton upholstery. To clean cotton cover, your steam cleaner will require medium-high heat setting.

Things to consider

It is very important to know that you can not use water on any type of couch. If you have microsuede couches, they may have any one of two types of fabric. You can tell what type of fabric it is by simply reading the tag or label on the couch. In most cases, you will find the label under the couch.

It may also be in the seat area. The tag should have S, W, W/S or X. you can use water on your couch only if it is W or W/S.

If there is no tag, you should not take any risk. Do not use water to clean it. If you do so, your couch will lose its dazzle.

In most cases, you will find the code S. It means only solvent-based cleaners can be used to clean the couch. If there is W/S, you can use solvent-based cleaners or water. If there is Z, you can use neither solvent based cleaners nor water. In that case, you have only one option: to vacuum the couch.  


It is a good idea to test a small area first. Then, when the cotton cover is attached to the steamer, you have to pass over the spot slowly so that the heat can penetrate the microfiber. Move slowly, and make sure that the spot is not passed too quickly.

To heat up the steam, you have to give it some time. It will also disinfect the steam. With this process, you can clean a microfiber deeply, and kill bed bugs and dust mites. The jet nozzle can also help you clean corners and cracks. If you are wondering how to steam clean a microfiber couch, this post will help you do it easily

Your microfiber couch can be stain resistant, but removing previous stains may be a tough deal. The best thing is to clean a stain as soon as you see it. If you are late, you will find it hard to clean it. If the stains are fresh and new, a steam cleaner will clean it satisfactorily.

Many people try to figure out how to steam clean a microfiber couch, but you will find the process easier if you walk on the trodden path. In this post you will find a procedure that has been tried with great results.

Below we are going to outline the steps in detail.. If you want to know how to steam clean a microfiber couch, we recommend you read the steps carefully.

Step 1

Before you start steam cleaning, make sure that the couch is clean. Remove all items from the couch, including the seat cushions. If there are toys, pens, notebooks or other items, remove them. Before you start doing the real job, make sure that the couch is bare.

Step 2

Use a normal vacuum cleaner hose and vacuum underneath the cushions. Your goal is to remove debris. Take you time vacuum it properly, and make sure that no debris is left.

Step 3

Use a stain remover to pre-treat stains and spots. After spraying the stain remover, let it sit for at least 40 seconds. Then take a scrub brush or a piece of cloth and rub the stain with it. If you rub well, the solution will work into the fibers. This is one of the most important steps of cleaning a microfiber couch.

Step 4

Then you need some hot tap water and some steam cleaning solution. Mix the solution with water in a bucket. You will find a label on the container of the solution. Read the label to ensure that the ratio of cleaner and water is correct.

Step 5

Then the tank should be removed from the steam cleaner. Pour the solution into the filter basket. Then you have to snap the tank back into place.

When you notice that the steam cleaner has warmed up, run the upholstery attachment. A reaction will take place between they microfiber and the chemical.

Step 6

Then you have to set the steam cleaner to upholstery mode. On the back of the steam cleaner, make sure the hose is removed from the holder. Then make sure that the brush attachments are put onto it. Your next step is to turn on the machine.

Step 7

Next, you have to run the hose over the couch. You have to get the water off the couch. To do that, stop pressing the button and stop pressing the hose once you are done.

You can intuitively figure out how to clean a microfiber couch, but if you follow the above-mentioned steps carefully, hopefully you will able to clean it within a short time.

We hope the tips above will help you clean your microfiber couch.