What kind of vinegar should you clean your house with? White vinegar? Awesome! But when you check your container, nah! Nothing is left.

It is so much frustrating when you run out of cleaning agent. But it is much more annoying when you have nothing to replace it. You can use many alternatives. There are other types of vinegar. There are other homemade natural products as well. What matters most is that you can afford it, it is easy to access and it is safe for the family and Earth.

Read on and learn substitute for white vinegar in cleaning and discover which one can be a good alternative.

Substituting Other Vinegar Types

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a great alternative for cleaning. It is as effective as white vinegar but it is not suitable for certain surfaces. Remember, this type of vinegar is brown. If you need something to put in your laundry or use as a spot remover, something clearer might work best.

Nevertheless, apple cider vinegar has a pleasant smell and has various health benefits. It is great for removing bacteria. It is more expensive than white vinegar but it provides the same effect.

Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar has a similar acidity to white vinegar which means it is not really harsh on surfaces. It is essential in removing grease and other sticky mess. However, it is very dark since it is made from grape must. If you would try to use it on light surfaces such as fabrics and wall, it will leave a dark colour.

If you are careful with your belongings that you don’t want to stain anything, balsamic vinegar might not be that perfect. The cost is also a bit higher than white vinegar. Though it can remove grease in some way, it is more effective in making a healthy, strong body. It is equipped with countless nutrients other vinegar can’t have.

White Wine Vinegar

White wine vinegar is as clear as white vinegar. It is great for cleaning as it leaves no annoying stains at all. Wine vinegar belongs to speciality type making it more expensive to use. Nevertheless, you can use this option to get rid of dirt.

You can buy this at the nearest supermarket or search one you like at online stores such as Amazon. This is going to be a great addition to your natural living ideas without toxic chemicals and harmful ingredients.

Cleaning Vinegar

When you walk through stores, you can see products labelled as “All Natural Cleaning Vinegar.” Cleaning vinegar is a bit processed with added scents. It is known as special vinegar intentionally made for cleaning in which you can choose what scent you like. There is also an option of what you are using it to clean.

In fact, this type of cleaning vinegar is packed with special cleaning strength with only 6% acidity, only 1% difference with white vinegar. You can opt for lemon, lavenders or unscented. Though cleaning vinegar has a less powerful acidity than white vinegar, it does not produce a strong smell. If you want to make your own scented vinegar, spread some essential oil over it. You can even add sugar surfactant, a common natural substance.

Industrial Vinegar

Industrial or agricultural vinegar can also be an effective substitute for white vinegar in cleaning but it is not great indoors. Read on the label and it has 20% acidity making the price a bit sharp. Since it has higher acidity levels, it can be potentially harmful so be careful on what you are mixing it with. The strength it provides is best for agricultural use.

If you want to die the weeds or any other unwanted plants in your garden, you can use this type of natural vinegar with proper precautions. Make sure to cover your hands, mouth, and eyes. It provides extremely strong smell so wear proper ventilation. Having industrial vinegar at home is essential to kill plants quickly, even the toughest ones. Use this to clean your driveway, patio or garden and you will see the results quickly.

What Makes Vinegar Good

  • Unclog shower head
  • Kill germs in the kitchen sink
  • Clean toilet, washing machine, vinyl fence, furniture, etc.
  • Disinfect wooden spoons, pots, baby cribs, glass, etc.

Vinegar is good in killing germs, how is that so? Before you decide on the best substitute for white vinegar in cleaning, knowing how vinegar liquid kill germs might help you further. As we always see, it is used to clean and disinfects the home. It is easy to believe that it is effective in such an amazing process.

The most powerful element of vinegar is acid. It makes the nontoxic food product become a great disinfectant. It can clean the most type of dirt and kill bacteria in no time. The presence of acetic acid can travel through a bacteria cell membrane cause it to die, something other cleaning products can’t do.

This is the reason why vinegar can be an effective tool in cleaning toilets, dishes, fabrics, carpets, and other nasty stuff. It can even kill plants. Study shows that vinegar cannot just kill bacteria but viruses as well. It can be used to die the flu virus and tuberculosis bacteria.

Best Vinegar for Cleaning

There is no word as best when it comes to cleaning with vinegar. The type of vinegar you choose greatly depends on the type of work you use it for. After all, vinegar is a great non-toxic cleaner. Its acidity is enough to knock out even the toughest enemy.

Other Alternatives

Aside from using vinegar itself, you also use other substitute for white vinegar in cleaning in different kinds and prices. These can give a different effect but at least it can clean things in any way.

This includes:

  • Baking soda
  • Essential oil
  • Dish soap or laundry soap
  • Scotch Brite Pad
  • Rags

There are many other cleaning agents you can use to keep your house clean. However, most of them don’t work as natural as possible. You may opt for all-purpose cleaners as well but it is you that will reap the good sides and bad sides.